Six Point Marketing Checklist

Posted on April 14, 2008
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1. Try something new (or some old technique) for solving problems/seeking solutions eg Edward de Bono’s six hat thinking method. In summary this means role playing as follows:

Buy some coloured hats!

For a detailed description – read Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono.

2. Put yourself in the position of the customer. How do they see your business? What are they seeing and hearing and responding to? Customers do not see departments and certainly are not interested in your problems. There may be a thousand mirrors but there is only one view. For once, do not ask the market research department for a customer survey.

3. Try the “Back to the Floor” technique. Spend a day in the front line with your sales force, at the call centre, with your distributors, agents, on reception etc. Find out what your company is doing right, and what your staff think can be done better. Could also generate some great PR opportunities!

4. Ensure that your Marketing Plan can be reduced to a one-page summary with actions and that all those involved have up to date copies.

5. Look at your web site statistics – What are they telling you? Ask yourself whether you are capturing the enquiries and information requests that you really want. Should you do some work on your web site? Ask your Webmaster why you are not getting return visits. If it’s a good web site, people should want to come back.

Consider asking for an external view on some marketing problem or issue your company is facing – try Booker & Hopkins Associates – the first visit is always free!


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