Networking – the three things we find difficult or dislike

Posted on November 2, 2008
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Networking arouses a variety of responses from those who do it and/or are exposed to it. These range from “I loathe it” to “I love it” to “it all seems so false”. However, it is just one of the marketing tools in the kitbag for generating business and can be very powerful.

 I have just done some research among consultants on the likes and dislikes of networking, by running a question in September 2008  on Skillfair, the networking and resource web site for consultants and clients. 

 The question I asked was:

 ‘We all have to network in some way to develop business. Some love it, some loath it, many just go through the motions. You can learn more about it by helping me answer a simple question.

 Please tell me up to three things that you find difficult or dislike about networking to develop and gain business. This can cover working a room, following up a meeting or using one of the networking web sites such as LinkedIn’

 Some 37 keen or not so keen networkers responded so I guess you would describe the project as qualitative rather than quantitative research.

 The top three issues were: 

Some of the respondents were clearly accomplished networkers and relied on it for business but still found it uncomfortable, others loved it and were ‘naturals’

 What the research demonstrates is that there is a useful market out there for some ‘ how to network’ courses.

For more information on the research and how we can can help you be better at networking and working that room send a request to and you can find out about all the other things people have a problem with. And as for Linked In it’s complete mystery to some people!


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