Fuel Price rises will impact on days out this summer

Posted on July 15, 2008
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Attract Marketing, Booker & Hopkins sister company says that
52% OR 1 in 2 people who were drivers say that fuel price rises will impact on days out this summer, in a survey of close to 10,000 respondents.

Close to 60% of these were in the key family raising life stage (25 – 44) with a slightly higher proportion of women responding potentially indicating their concerns of how to juggle entertaining the family over the Summer months with using the car. The research was carried out in the last week by Attract Marketing the Midlands based tourism consultants.

“That looks like fewer visitors for theme parks, farms, stately homes, museums and other attractions this year ” says Attract director Nick Booker. “Unless operators of attractions can find innovative ways of keeping the visitors coming in and ensuring that those who come feel they are getting value for money, its going to be a very tough year.”

Consumers are being squeezed on all fronts says Nick Booker and they will be looking for activities that provide good value for money or are maybe free such as public museums and galleries and can be reached perhaps with just a short journey. Even when they get in to their favourite museum or theme park visitors will be counting the change and so secondary spend, that is spending on food and drink and souvenirs is going to be affected.

It will be even more important to get the visitor offer right, ranging from the advertising that attracts visitors in the first place to the experience of the visit including good customer service and the memories that are taken away. Those attractions that don’t get that package right will suffer most.

Equally operators themselves are being squeezed by increasing costs and so need to look at ways of improving their buying and their pricing.

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Nick Booker – 01926 864 900 or 07802 281168 – Kenilworth ,Warwickshire

Hugh McCormack – 0115 914 2887 or 07768 324206 – Nottingham


Attract based in Kenilworth Warwickshire and with a Nottingham office works with operators, tourism bodies, museums, theme parks, stately homes, and other venues in the visitor attraction heritage, culture and leisure industry to develop better experiences in the economically important leisure industry.

Poll carried out on the Internet using Toluna :

Question asked:

Will fuel price rises reduce the number of day trips you make over the Summer (e.g. to theme parks, open farms, stately homes, museums etc)?

Total sample: 10942

A1: Yes (4883 Votes) 45%
A2: No (2799 Votes) 26%
A3: I don’t know (1606 Votes) 15%
A4: I don’t drive (1654 Votes) 15%


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