New marketing channels

See the article on using Flickr, one of the leading photo sharing web sites and other social networking sites  based on research among experts on Linked In the networking site for business professionals.

Business development and change projects by Nick Booker

Non executive marketing director for family owned logistics company including development of strategic marketing plan; running directors’ strategic planning/mentoring workshops leading to a radical re-structuring of the business and development of three year personal and business plans Strategic planning role for a leading building components distributor leading to the successful and acquisition of a competitor. Marketing/business […]

What makes a successful leaflet or tourism brochure?

Paula Bardell-Hedley the Director of Research & Marketing at LDS Tourism Services Ltd Chester,  posed the Question: ‘What makes a successful leaflet or brochure?‘ on LinkedIn  Paula rated my answer as the best one out of 23 – Thank you Paula!  My Answer was as follows:   Right size to fit in leaflet stands! […]

Networking – the three things we find difficult or dislike

Networking arouses a variety of responses from those who do it and/or are exposed to it. These range from “I loathe it” to “I love it” to “it all seems so false”. However, it is just one of the marketing tools in the kitbag for generating business and can be very powerful.  I have just […]

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